Why lease artwork?

My goal is to provide you and your office with stunning imagery on a rotating basis so your space stays fresh, inviting, and attractive. We will work together to determine exactly what your artwork needs are, then collaboratively select images from my portfolio for each space.

Benefits include:

  • Conservation of Capital: Leasing art is considered an operating expense, and the capital conserved can be utilized for other capital expenditures.

  • Conservation of Credit: A lease is not a loan. Borrowing reduces lines of credit. Leasing is an operating expense and hence, allows the customer increased borrowing capacity.

  • Tax Benefits: An operating lease may allow 100% of the monthly payment to be included as an operating expense. Bank financing would allow only the interest costs to be included as operating expenses. Check with your tax adviser to determine how this may lower pre-tax income and reduce taxes.
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing: An operating lease keeps the debt, and the corresponding asset, off your business’s balance sheet. Therefore, borrowing debt covenants are circumvented, financial ratios are enhanced, and borrowing capacity is increased.